Gandharv Ashram was established in 1986 AD with a view of Public Health and Welfare of the society. The Ashram will be situated in Ahmedabad in lush green natural environment away from the chores of the city.

Gandharv Ashram is the center of a host of public welfare activities like –

Yoga – Yoga is the general term for spiritual disciplines that are directed toward attaining higher consciousness and liberation from ignorance, suffering, and rebirth.

Astrology – Astrology is the science of the effects of the planets movements on our lives and all things.

Meditation – Meditation is the way to cultivate one’s mind and to control the mind which is the hardest thing to achieve in life. Meditation enhances the ability to observe the situations in the correct manner which is the prime cause of the mental and physical wellness of life.

Naturopathy – Naturopathy is the mode of curing a patient’s disease by using natural therapies.

Aroma Therapy – Aroma-therapy is the use of essential oils extracted from plants and herbs to treat conditions ranging from infections and skin disorders to immune deficiencies and stress.

Meaning of “Gandharv”

Gandharv: The ‘Heavenly Gandharv’ of the Veda was a deity who knew and revealed the secrets of heaven and divine truths in general. He is thought by Goldstucker to have been a personification of the fire of the sun. The Gandharvs generally had their dwelling in the sky or atmosphere, and one of their offices was to prepare the heavenly soma juice for the gods.

The Atharva-veda speaks of “ the 6333 Gandharvs.” The Gandharvs of later times are similar in character; they have a charge of the soma and are skilled in medicine. Those of Indra’s heaven are generally intended by the term, and they are singers and musicians who attend the banquets of the gods.

The Puranas give contradictory accounts of the origin of the Gandharvs. The Vishnu-Purana says, in one place, that they were born from Brahma,” imbibing melody. Drinking of the goddess of the speech (gam dhayantah), they were born, and thence their appellation.”

Later on it says that they were the offspring of Kasyapa and his wife Arishta. The Hari-vansa states that they sprang from Brahma’s nose, and also that they were descended from Muni, another of Kasyapa’s wives.

Chitra-ratha was chief of the Gandharvs. The “cities of the Gandharvs” are often referred to as being very splendid. The Vishnu Purana has a legend of the Gandharvs fighting with the Nagas in the infernal regions, whose dominions they seized and whose treasures they plundered. The Naga chiefs appealed to Vishnu for relief, and he promised to appear in the person of Purukutsa to help them.

Thereupon the Nagas sent their sister Narmada (the Nerbudda river) to this Purukutsa, and she conducted him to the regions below, where he destroyed the Gandharvs. They are sometimes called Gatus and Pulakas. In the Maha-bharta, apparently, a race of people dwelling in the hills and wilds is so called.

Facilities For Members:

Becoming a member gives you a few more added features in Gandharv Ashram

– The ability to make a blog
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– Access to the Download Area of Gandharv Ashram having downloads of all the Vedas, Upanishads, The Holy Gita, The Puranas, many other spiritual and holy books. You can also download a lot of religious wallpapers, screensavers, bhajans and much more from the download area.
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So one can say that the membership of Gandharv Ashram is helpful for better self development.